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Just an average ordinary person with a wonderful hobby. Former military medic and proud of it. Over all very friendly person (>w<).
I've been dead for a bit so why not try this. I probably won't chat much but feel free to watch if you can.
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Pokimono: Akihiro Hoshi
Name: Akihiro Hoshi (Star of great brightness )

Pokemon: Noivern


Gender: Female

Hair: Deep Burgundy

Eyes: Orange

Skintone: Peachy

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 145 lbs

Village: Galesprings

Job: Worker (Entertainer at a local Inn) 

Ability: Telepathy - prefers to speak to people in this way due to having such a soft speaking voice

- Boomburst

- Shadow Claw

- Super Fang


Hoshi is overall a precious gift from above. She treats everyone she meets as a friend and whether its due to her kind heart or stupidity soon sees everyone as a friend even if they themselves are not friendly. She has a warm heart and well offer anyone comfort if they need it always willing to share a hug even with a complete stranger. She fails to notice others aggressive, rude, or otherwise unpleasant behavior as something negative always seeing the good in people. This leads to her making 'friends' with rather unsavory characters more often than her brother would like. She is not brave but is dumb in the sense that she can't recognize a situation as dangerous, another reason she tends to make such great choices in friends. Her mother did her best to educate her but it still seems most things tend to go over Hoshi's head but also has her moments of random logical thought.Despite all these wonderful qualities, Hoshi is also extremely aggressive under certain circumstances. Just as quick as she is to smile at a stranger she is ready to pounce on those she views as weak and sink both fang and claw deep into their unsuspecting bodies. The shock factor of an unsuspecting victim excites her when she is in her fits and tends to lead to her getting carried away in her 'play time'. She does her best to keep this side of her directed to those that volunteer to endure it. Yes there are a few people that offer themselves up for this Those people in particular she is extremely possessive over. Seeing people as hers and hers alone due to the difficulty of finding a willing subject, plus the amount of trust and other feelings she usually builds with these few, she is not afraid to show others that have no right to her property and will protect them with everything shes got. Although as possessive as she is her select few are free to leave when ever they wish even as much as it would break her heart to see them leave. As stated below, she seems to have the inability to recognize romantic love. She will admit she cares deeply for someone in ways different from others but can not say she has truly felt 'in love' as she herself is unaware of what that would even be like.

SINGING // Music // Dancing // Apples // The Moon // Night time // To Bite  

Spicy Foods // Smoke // Early Mornings // Nori Hotaka  

Hoshi's mother, Hien Akihiro, was the nanny of a very wealthy and self centered family that consisted of an older man, his young wife, and their single child. The families young boy was a rarity that his family boasted about to the common villagers just like all other possessions they had managed to collect seeing the child as more of a material item than their own child. Their vanity angered many of the villagers and eventually after enduring a what seemed like many long years of their condescending behavior a particular group became more agitated than others. Hien spent most of her time with the young boy, named Michi, and came to think of the boy as her own son saddened by the way his own parents neglected to show him any affection. She soon gave birth to her own little girl, Hoshi, and she adored having the two children play together.

Rumors began to spread around the village that a hit had been taken out on the narcissistic family that soon made their way to Hien's ears. She expressed her concern over the rumors to her employers but they merely laughed at the idea that anyone would dare touch them. Concern for the boys well being over took her and that evening she gather the two children up with a small collection of belongings and left town. That same night a particular group made their way into the lavish household. Hien managed to make it far enough away that children couldn't hear what horrible screams followed later that night.

Hoshi's mother managed to buy a small plot of land out on the Bronze coast where she took to raising the two children on her own. Hoshi grew up as a happy little girl with a wonderful caring mother and protective older brother. Life was good for Hoshi as a child, she made many friends easily and always saw the brighter side of things. She would play and laugh and pull pranks with her big brother on people that he told her had bad intentions for mother. Despite her friendly and welcoming nature as a child, Hoshi was soon became a mute after discovering she could not control the volume of her natural voice. The whispers she spoke hardly anyone could hear and the shrieks that clawed their way out of her throat seemed to hurt people. Hoshi never wanted to hurt people. She chose not to speak until she perfected her telepathy and if need be had her mother or older brother speak for her.

As she grew older she began to mature into what her mother called a very lovely young woman to which a good deal of others in her village agreed. Many of the neighboring boys began to pay more attention to Hoshi as she matured also trying more and more to gain her attention as well. As she grew she found Michi closer and closer to her side glaring at any boy that even looked in Hoshi's direction. At first she though nothing of it, even finding his behavior amusing. Although the years of being hidden in her brothers shadow lead to Hoshi becoming unintentionally isolated from socializing with hardly anyone outside her immediate family. A consequence her brother failed to realize of his actions. He was simply doing as good brothers do. Although Hoshi did noticed his constant watch never distracted him from the chasing after any beautiful person that caught his own eye. 

Time went on like this for a handful of years. Hoshi's blissful giddiness soon came to a halt when she realized as her mother aged her health began to decline. Hoshi's mother had given birth to her at an older age leading to Hoshi having an older parent than most in her age group would have. Hien slowly left her room less and less as walking itself soon became to much for her to use her energy on. Hoshi sat by her mothers side everyday until she finally passed due to her health. It was an event that deeply impacted both Hoshi and her brother.

After her mothers passing Hoshi grew depressed starting to loose interest in things that used to entertain her for hours. She too began to hardly ever leave her room. Thankfully her brother recognized the signs and got to work nipping them in the bud the first chance he could. He decided the best way for he and Hoshi to cope was to get out and view the world. To see if it was as beautiful as their mother had sated it to be. With the exciting thought of travel and adventure placed into her head the pair did just as they had done on that faithful night so many years ago. They packed what they could carry and became nomads wondering the land.

They made many friends in their travels soon forming their own group of traveling performers. The group made their way from town to town entertaining who ever would stop and watch. It was hear that Hoshi discovered her passion for singing. She would performer whole heartedly to anyone that would listen and could be found humming to herself on days with out an audience. Life was good again.

Their travels soon brought them to the wonderful lands of the Sun Empire where the two fell in love with the culture and people. Bidding farwells to the small family they had made the two decided to settle in the village of Galesprings. In exchange for a place to stay, Hoshi and her brother soon found work at a local Inn on the outskirts of the village where the two would perform for the guests that stopped in for a rest from time to time. Thanks to Hoshi's performance the Inn really seemed to become a hotspot and the Inn keeper happily welcomed them to stay as long as they liked.


A lot has changed within the last year, mainly due to the introduction of a single figure. Through the crowds of the Galesrpings markets Hoshi came into contact with an older man with an intimidating appearance who had mistaken her for her mother. After she explained to the stranger her mother had been dead for quite some time the stranger ended up revealing their name to be Nori Hotaka and that they were also her biological father. Through the next couple of weeks the two spent the time catching up and getting to know one another. Hoshi soon found out the reasons behind her fathers absence through out her whole life and that he wasn't the type of person she should be associating with.

Her attempts to once again distance herself from Hotaka were all put to shambles as the older man continued to proclaim he believed her to be more like him than she denied. To prove it he planned to take her away to the people he worked for and some how bring it out of her, in a way to make up for not being there over the years. Her older brother came to her rescue only to beaten to,what Hoshi assumed, was her older sibilings death right before her eyes. Due to the panic of the fight that unfolded before Hoshi's body was forced into an evolutionary stage and she turned of her father in a attempt to protect Michi. Compared to her new strangths it was soon discovered the old weezing was no match for the angry bat.

After successfully running the badly beaten man away from her siblings body, Hoshi discovered her brother to still be alive and rushed him off to receive medical attention. Now only a small span of time has ranged since her awakening and with it she has discovered a new found confidence in herself. She spends her time working still as a performer, visiting friends, and checking up on her older brother making sure he isn't pushing himself to hard as he takes the time to heal properly.


Time had passed long enough to allow Michi to heal from his wounds letting Hoshi regain her independence without feeling guilty for leaving Michi alone. After some struggles with her initial adjustment into evolution, Hoshi believes she has now found a happy medium and embraces her new qualities both physical and nature.

In current events she has watched her brother leave the Inn they both once called home together. He had found someone, as he explained to Hoshi, that he wished to spend time with more plus he simply just needed a change of scenery after what had happened to him. She did not protest his departure, if it was what he thought was best for himself she supported his decision. With Michi sailing the world away, Hoshi has now found herself living entirely solo for the first time. She has found it to be a pleasant experience thus far but misses having her brother around on more than one occasion becoming lonely.

When ever she catches wind of the ship her brother boards docking, she packs for a trip and rushes to meet with them. Although her last few visits have been spent mainly with another crew member
than her own sibling.  

Additional Information :
- Hoshi becomes more aggressive at night. Depending on the strength og the moon light she will feel the need to takes this aggression out physically. If shes not with a certain person she locks     herself away in order to avoid causing harm to anyone. . . . usually.
- Hoshi speaks telepathically. She sticks to one on one conversations as projecting to a group causes her fatigue. She is not able to read minds. Only able to project into them.
- Hoshi loves children
- Hoshi is unable to identify romantic love. She can realize she has strong feelings for someone and even partake in certain actions 'only couple do' but can come to admit she is WITH someone.
- Did we mention earlier Apples are her favorite?
- She has a beautiful singing voice that she can project for her every member of her audience to hear
- Hoshi has a half sleeve tattoo that also covers her shoulder and extends on to the her chest of a koifish and lovely flowers
-GS is her home but she spends a good deal of time away from it as she visits the docks of the villages her brothers ship stops at.

- Singing voice claim: Minh Tuyet

Total points: 34
UPDATE ALERT : Akihiro Hoshi

After putting it off for who know show long now I finally made an update image for my precious little bat babu. :icondesucraiplz:

She has grown so much I just can't vjfnvkdjnfvjndfvn

Full body: 4 + Full color: 2 = 6

Main app:
Poki-chart : Hoshi
!! Update for Hoshi post-evolution and post-recent events !! They grow up so fast :icondesucraiplz:

Hoshi is such a . . . complicated little bean. Since coming to terms with her evolution Hoshi no longer struggles with the new more aggressive sides of her personality but simply teeters between them and her kinder nature.

Depending mainly on the time of day, light of the moon, or just random moments Hoshi and can he her usual precious self (lavender) or more aggressively sadistic personality (maroon) . . . or even a healthy mix of the two.</sub>


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