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Just an average ordinary person with a wonderful hobby. Former military medic and proud of it. Over all very friendly person (>w<).
I've been dead for a bit so why not try this. I probably won't chat much but feel free to watch if you can.
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Pokimono: Hisoka Haru
Name: Haru Hisoka

Pokemon: Alolan Raichu

Age: 28

Height: 5' 1" (154 cm)

Weight: 130 lbs (57 kg)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Skintone: Light tan

Orientation: Bisexual…

Village: Gale srpings

Job: Priestest

Ability:  Surge Surfer: Doubles the Pokémon's Speed stat on Electric Terrain

- Volt tackle - The user electrifies itself, then charges. It causes considerable damage to the user and may leave the target with paralysis.
- Psychic - The target is hit by a strong telekinetic force. This may also lower the target's Sp. Def stat.

+Strong tea
+Bitter and sour flavours

-Spicy food

Personality:  Introverted/Hot headed/Loyal/Protective/Stubborn/Maternal
Despite the years shes spent in the temple, Haru still proves to be a bit socially awkward as the results of growin up in a sheltered home. Haru can have some difficulties still when it comes to talking with in groups of people but seems to be comfortable in one one one situations. A sweet woman she is quick to help and offer advice to those who need it. When she cares for someone she cares for them very deeply and will do all that she can to ensure their well being. Her maternal instinct is quite strong as prven with her devoted care towards her adoptive daughter and any other small child or seemingly 'innocent' individual that comes into her line of sight. Haru has shown to be very polite and well mannered due to both her up bringing and time spent working for the temple. She carries an air of maturity and level headedness proving not to make rash decisions or act with out thought. After loosing her Static ability that once inflicted her she seems to have lost the grumpy side of her personality and has become a more calm minded individual. Even her famous short temper has seemed to been put at a side, well for the most part anyway.Overall she is a good person to have as a friend. If she finds you aggitating or not a good influence for her daughter she will simply just ignore your existence until you get the hint.

Haru was born into a family of old traditions and culture. Her parents, like her ancestors before them, had been brought together through arranged marriage, a practice her family still follows. From a young age it was apparent Haru was unable to control her electrical powers due to her static ability. This hindered her ability to train and become a ninja just like her father as she couldn't keep from hurting herself or those around her when training. The plauge of her anility also affected her love life as her parents were unable to find a suitor willing to not only take on an unskilled bride but one that they also could not touch with out being shocked. In the part of society she was in if one could not show strength and control she was simply nothing. This realization led to many years of depression and low self worth for the small mouse and she soon gave up on her dreams of ever becoming a skilled warrior like her father.
Once her baby sister was born it was apparent she compensated for everything her older sibling could not achieve. Haru would watch with concern and jealousy as her younger sister exceled in everything she once tried o hard to be apart of but soon she grew to respect her younger sibling and supported her in her training. With a heavy heart she was delt another blow to her fragile heart when her parents revealed to not only give up on find ing her a suitor but also decided that her younger sister would be the one to take over the position as head of the family when the time came. This only added to her silent depression and guilt for leaving such a heavy burden onto her younger sister.
As her sister trained Haru worked in the tea shop with her mother mainly sticking to the back as she didnt want to risk harming cutomers with her static. Although somehow, something, one day brought about a new confidence with in her and she soon began to make friends. She started to venture away from home and go on many small, yet large, adventures where she slowly began to blosom into who she truly was. Meeting many citizens that didnt mind her ability and some that even attemtped to help her control it. Life outside of the house was proving to be wonderful. Although life at home  only became more apparent as to how much stressful and heavy it truly was.
Constantly reminded of her failures, even if her family didnt mean to, Haru decided she would leave home and find something else that she could devote herself to. She would prove to her family and every suitor or individual that doubted her that she could be useful. Her journey for redemption brought her to the Temple of Galessprings where she soon settled down and took to the life as a preistess in stride.
Life was good for the years to come and soon the rift between her and her family soon faded. She learned her younger sister had found a willing suitor and the pair was set to marry once her sibling reached the age of 16 years. She was happy for her family and everything seemed to finally be falling into place. Although that soon changed when shortly after the reveal her younger sister passed away at the hands of a stress induced fever.
Haru spent the next year once again in depression and mourning blaming herself for the death of her younger sister. If only she had proven to be a decent ninja the weight of her resposiblities would not have been thrusted upon the poor young girl. This is what Haru continued to drill into her own mind and punish herself for for months on end until happy news suddenly came to her. Her sister had returned! Or atleast a shell of her. The young girl she met later on was infact her sister but it was going to take time to help the newly revived ghost type adjust to life once again.
Her journey had changed course once more. Haru helped her parents in the spare time she had to help readjust her sister to life back with the living and in the mean time she started to feel an emptiness with in her. Everywhere she seemed to look their were happy couples and families with small children all around her. Even her younger sister had seemed to find a suitor before her . . . another thing she did envy. She was not getting younger and was already considered an old bride and with her devotion to the temple she hadn't set time aside to try and build a family of her own. It was a bitter fate she was ready to swallow until a fateful encounter.
After the night of the Tanabata's bitter sweet gift of a dream Haru met the young orphaned priestess in training known as Song. The maternal spark she felt for the delightfully well mannered and educated child was like any other and learning of the young girls situation she soon took on the role of a maternal figure for the fox. Over time and conversation it soon became official that Haru would adopt Song and become her mother meaning Song would be her child and the emptiness she once felt was now full. Upon introduction to the rest of her family the girl was welcomed with open arms and Haru couldn't be any happier.

Times were good and Haru supported her daughter through every event and situation she found herself in learning a thing or two along the way. Everything was perfect as she watched Song on the stage of talent competition so proud of her ability to compete when things took a turn for the worse. Through a massive surge of psychic energy that left the mouse with a pounding head ache she found her daughter, and half the crowd, vanished into thin air. In a panic Haru spent the nect few days frantically searching for her child the psychic aura hanging heavy in the air it seemed.
Once reunited with her daughter and seeing the transformation the child was practically forced to go through due to the event that had occured over the last few days, Haru was determined not to let Song leave her sight. Who ever was throwing around the psychic energy had continued to throw their powers around so carelessly and once again the massive surge that came forth led Haru to appear on a foriegn island with her daughter. It was a land she had never seen before and a land she wouldn't see very much of. The energy had taken its toll on her and inflicted her with a pain her head unlike any other the vetnured through out her body the new terrian also took its toll on her frame. Everything went black.
Many months later now she has awoken in her room back in the temple of Galespring her wonderful daughter at her side and fillinf her in on all that had happened during her coma. The date in time and seasons had not been the only thing that changed during Haru's slumber. To her suprise so had Haru. The combination of the psychic energy release by the legendary figures and the enviorment she had been trapped in off the coast of radiant harbour had changed Haru physically in appearence and skill. Besides her new look and her new comcial psychic abilities, Haru soon came to realize she no longer shocked people when touching them.
A whole new world of touch and intimacy was ahead of her as she could now be apart of such small acts she once could not. With the help of her friends and loving daughter she is learning to use her psychic abilities and looking forward to the possiblity of embracing this blessing betowed upon her. 

Additional info:

- Haru now wields purple electricity due to her evolutionary change.
- Has taken on the roll as Song's adoptive mother. 
Do not dare harm her child
- She is able to levitate about by riding on her larger tail but she is still getting the hang of it and tends to be rather clumsy at times.
- Her father is a Primeape and a retired ninja. Her mother is a young Raichu. Her sister is a 13 year old Phantump (Mankey) .
- She is allergic to pecha berries.
- No longer affected by her Static ability she can tend to be a bit handsy, enjoying the fact she can actually touch another person with out hurting them.
- Even though shes no longer afflicted with Static she still wears the earings her friend Kronos helped her get. Sparks still occasionally zap off of them.
- When she lived back in Noir Vale she developed a crush on a young female sandshrew, but she wont admit it or make any comments about her orientation.
- She has the wierd habit of saying 'chu' after every sentence.

Main app:
Haru Hisoka
full body: 4 points + full color: 2 points.

Haru app:
Hoshi app:


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