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Just an average ordinary person with a wonderful hobby. Former military medic and proud of it. Over all very friendly person (>w<).
I really want to be more active in this group QvQ!!!!! So therefore I would love to doodle up some festive holiday joy for my selected partner!!!
I'm not hard to please for my secret santa I would appreciate just any art of my coffee bean loving babu.

- Cwci in her swimsuit having fun.
- Cwci in a fluffy sweater and scarf keeping warm with a warm cup of cocoa/coffee (Pumpkin spice latte//shot)
- Cwci cuddling with a cute Salandit. (Shes allergic to fluffy animals so reptiles are the best)

Or just anything please :icondesucraiplz: Happy Holidays!!!

AJA: Cwci by SuchusDeLynn
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  • Reading: This Journal
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Pokimono Secret Santa #2: Araki the Umbreon
Chibi or bust: 2 point + Full color: 2 point + Background: 1 point

Heres my Secret Santa project I've been working on for :iconharmpink456: .

I hope you like it and that I did your adorable girl some justice!! Sorry it's not quite a tree but I went with your stargazing request after trial and error with some other ideas.

The pose and character were sketched out traditionally then edited digitally. I worked a total of over 6hrs on this piece and I am very happy with how it turned out and enjoyed to practice with digi very much. (>w<) I hope to make more pieces like this in the future.

Art by me :iconsuchusdelynn:
Araki belongs to :iconharmpink456:

Main app:
Araki's app:
Yuu // Kamidana
Name: Yuu Akihiro
Age: 25
Species: Cleffa 
Height: 170 cm (5' 7")
Weight: 69 Kg (152 lbs)
Level: 13
Stats:  ATK: 12(+5)// HP: 28 // AGI: 16 // LUK: 16
- Heal pulse : Used on a singular target, at a time, and heals up to half of the total HP. Can only be used a handful of times before needing to rest.
- Protect : Using magic, projects a shield large enough to protect 2 - 3 people (including the wielder). Lasts for 30 seconds at the most and requires a lot of energy.

Ability: Friend guard: Allows damage taken by alleys to be lowered by 25% so long as they are within an 8 ft. radius of the user.

+ Physical labor, hands on jobs
+ Silence, as in nature 
+ Sushi
+ Stars
- Sweets
- The color Yellow
- Reading
- Most people

Personality: Hard headed//Blunt//Disinterested//Reserved//Caring//Trustworthy//Hardworking//Diligent//Anxious//Imaginative
Even though Yuu can be a great friend and someone ready to offer advice to a troubled stranger, he doesn't let people in easily. After watching the emotional roller coaster his mother has been through with his run away father, he is hesitant about trusting people and letting them in. On the outside he projects a shell of disinterest and speaks rarely more than a few words if its not necessary but deep down he has a very big, open, and caring heart. He can be reliable in both dark and bright situations and puts his all into a task he takes on. He pays attention to the detail of things whether its work or people. He believes it will help him get a job done faster. Overall he isn't really that bad of a guy if you give him a chance.


There really isn't much to say when it comes to the young healer named Yuu. Yuu, for as long as he can remember, has grown up in the same small town along its outskirts with his mother and his mother alone on their small farm. His mother has a position in the town as a local healer, making medicine for the elderly or ill and occasionally helping heal small wounds and broken bones. He never knew of his father, only knowing that he had disappeared sometime time soon after his mother had become swollen with child. Although his mother never seems to speak ill of this run away father figure that he never knew. A fact that irritates him to no end.
With the absence of a father figure in his life, Yuu grew up fast and took over the roll as 'man of the house' believing he was being strong for his mother. From a young age he took it upon himself to do all the so called manly duties around their small farm whether it was cutting fire wood, taking care of the crops, shooing away unfavorable guests, or comforting his mother on the nights she dreamt of her lost lover. Another reason Yuu learned to despise this unknown father figure of his.
Through the years, in-between his house chores, his mother would train him in the ways of a healer. So far he has proven to be skilled in this art but he still has a lot to learn, although nothing so far has really given him reason to.


Everstone x1
Berry x1
Map x1
TM Ice Beam
Dual edge Dagger x1 (gives +5 atk)

- His right eye is blue while the left is green.
- Has freckles
- Yuu has a soft spot for most animals and children.
- He is made up on lean muscle.
- He's never truly had a close relationship with someone other than his mother, this maybe why he still hasn't evolved. Friendship or romance.
- Yuu has no real interest in romance as it seems at the present.
- Panromantic. (He will not develop romantic feelings towards someone unless he knows them very personally)


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